Christmas in nickyland

The Club
December 19, 2006
Tuesday at 8:00pm
Tickets $15

Curated by Nicky Paraiso

Christmas in Nickyland: A blue-States Christmas

La MaMa performance curator (curating his 6th season at The Club at La MaMa) and downtown performer-singer-musician, Nicky Paraiso, will be hosting & singing from the piano; he will be joined by special guests from the downtown dance, music and performance world, such as chanteuses Little Annie & Rebecca Moore, downtown actor-performer Gregory Mehrten, composer Robert Een with percussionist Hearn Gadbois, choreographer Yoshiko Chuma, singer-songwriter David Clement & theater/song composer Daniel Zaitchik, with male soprano & Great Jones Repertory member Benjamin Marcantoni & Italian actress/singer Sara Galassini.

Special Guests:
Little Annie
Rebecca Moore
Christine Donnelly
Marylouise Burke (accompanied by David Clement)
Yoshiko Chuma
Robert Een w/ Hearn Gadbois & Carter Burwell
Ellen Fisher
David Clement with Erin Hall
Daniel Zaitchik with Amber Gray, Laura Hill & Liz Wisen
Gregory Mehrten
Hal Fickett & Laura Nash

And extra-special La MaMa family guest stars:
Benjamin Marcantoni w/ Heather Paauwe
Sara Galassini w/ Yukio Tsuji
Matthew Nasser
Ruth Coughlin
Joseph Pupello w/ Carla Bosnjak
& last-minute surprises