marlene dietrich

The Club
October 2 & 3, 2006
Monday & Tuesday at 8:00pm
Free Admission

Performed by Ksenija Prohaska

The monodrama MARLENE DIETRICH, through wartime epoch, marriage, love, show business and in relation to her only child, portrays the celebrated actress not only as a star, but as a woman of flesh and blood with all of the problems life brings to bear on each and every one of us. Ksenija Prohaska succeeds in showing us the intimate side of Marlene, she gets under her skin. Therein lies the secret of this monodrama comprising 11 short monologues and 13 famous songs from Marlene's repertoire. 
MARLENE DIETRICH (Croatian version) earned Ksenija Prohaska the "Mediterranean Award" at the Mala scena Festival in Rijeka in 2001. Since its Croatian premiere in 1999, the play has been performed 130 times in Croatian and 20 times internationally, including in English (Venezuela) and Italian (Venice Mittlefest).

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