to infinity (MAKE IT LOOK REAL)
The Club
January 19 & 21, 2006
Thursday 19 at 3pm, Saturday 21 at 11:30am.
Free Admission
Reservation is requested. 212-475-7710
Created by Chris Yon, in collaboration with Jeanine Durning, Taryn Griggs and John Scott.
Music design by Justin Jones

Box office 212.475.7710

Can dance show you your hopes for the future?

Can dance unfold your past lives before your own eyes?

Can dance represent everything that has ever happened and ever will happen in the universe?

RrrrrrrrKILLKILLKILL...to infinity (MAKE IT LOOK REAL) is the fruit of three years of dialogue between imdt Artistic director, John Scott and New York Choreographer Chris Yon.

RrrrrrrrKILLKILLKILL aims to present everything that's ever happened/ever will happen all at once. It's informed by outsider artist Oliver Officer (a man in Pontiac, Michigan who sent Yon cartoon ideas and told him to ‘Make it Look Real’), Fleischer Brothers cartoons (pre-code Betty Boop, Popeye, etc.) and scant knowledge of the writings of Giordano Bruno (Renaissance philosopher who was burned at the stake).

Chris Yon is an iconoclast, a radical of international dance whose virtuoso performance in the work of David Neumann’s ‘tough the tough’ won him a BESSIE Award at the age of 25, last September. He is also known as a dark humourist with deadpan form that rivals Buster Keaton. Yon has presented work at venues ranging from punk rock mecca CBGB’s to a converted cinema at Symphony Space. He co-founded Ur, a dance palace, in a Brooklyn Storefront where he created works that subsequently toured to Seattle and Montreal. Leading dance writer Deborah Jowitt has dubbed Yon to be one of New York’s ‘Budding Mavericks’

The three performers in RrrrrrrrKILLKILLKILL...to infinity (MAKE IT LOOK REAL) Jeanine Durning, Taryn Griggs and John Scott are all accomplished chorographers.

The soundscape to RrrrrrrrKILLKILLKILL...to infinity (MAKE IT LOOK REAL) is by long – time Yon collaborator Justin Jones who has used the sound elements collected by Yon over the past several months to create, as he puts it, ‘the wallpaper and extra character’ in the world of this work.

‘This dance compellingly examines our predicament as if turning the mind inside out until emotions, decisions, ego, id and memory tumble out……beautiful mess’ Irish Times.

RrrrrrrrKILLKILLKILL...to infinity (MAKE IT LOOK REAL) was premiered at Project Theatre, Dublin in December 2005 where is played to full houses positive reviews.

John Scott's Irish Modern Dance Theatre has developed an audience with a curiousity for dance in a country known more for its literary traditions and text based drama.They performed in New York at Danspace at St Mark's Church in 1999.They have commissioned work from Sean Curran, John Jasperse and Thomas Lehmen and held residencies with Meredith Monk, Pablo Vela and Sara Rudner.

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