the golf wars

The Club
November 6, 2006
Monday at 8:00pm
Tickets $15

Script &Score by Peter Dizozza
Directed by Tom Nondorf

Pianists: Dennis Hurley and Eric Starker
featuring Shelly Smith as Thankful Widgeons,
with Douglas Williams, Patrick Walsh and Mollly Amoroso
Production Assistant: Kristen Ellich

The Golf Wars tells the musical story of the dueling pianists, performers at a familiar East Village music venue, who take their act to a a paradisiacal Hawaiian Island. There they develop involvement with pivotal figures in a land conflict between the occupying US military and a foreign owned golf resort, a golf war to end all golf wars.

Ten years later, the resort owner's son, still at large, takes his army to the isle of Manhattan, transposing an eighteen-hole golf course upon it, using skyscrapers as driving tees.

This begins the Second Golf War; and the dueling pianists reunite to stop him.

The Golf Wars Rehearsal Photo
The Golf Wars Rehearsal
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