Gazpacho Andalu
The Club
March 24 - 26, 2006
Friday - Saturday 10:00pm
Sunday - 5:30pm
Tickets $15

Box office 212.475.7710

Arturo Martinez - Guitar
Alfonso Cid - Vocals and Flute
Gary Raheb - Cuban Cuatro, Oud/Bass
Tony De Vivo - Percussion/Background Vocals
Barbara Martinez - Dancer/Vocals
Sol Koeraus - Dancer/Vocals
May de Silva - Dancer/Vocals

Gazpacho Andalú is a music project devised by a group of New York City based composers and songwriters with completely different backgrounds. They came together to create a more accessible sound for people who love the groove and soulful qualities of Flamenco without losing its authenticity.

Gazpacho Andalú uses the rhythms and textures of North African, Caribbean and Hispanic American music, blending them into the language of this andalusian art form. Gazpacho Andalú also emphasizes the beauty and importance of Flamenco poetry with recited translations of the lyrics of their songs to show audiences understand Flamenco is not only a dance form but also a poetic expression of human feelings.

This group of musicians who reflects the diversity and flair created by New York’s cultural melting pot: Flamenco singer Alfonso Cid could be also called a Flamenco singer-songwriter, his lyrics and melodies are at the foundation of the group. Composer and arranger Gary Raheb is a multi-talented musician who uses the Cuban Cuatro guitar and the Arabic Lute or Oud to enhance and ornament the incandescent flamenco guitar playing of composer and arranger Arturo Martínez. Percussionists Tony De Vivo and Jainardo Batista add Latin grooves with drum kit, bongos, cajón, frame drums and afro-Caribbean instruments as well as their voices. The talent of electric bass player Sean Kupitz is a great asset to the band.

With a full repertoire of original compositions, this band has the versatility to play a full range of venues and events including workshops and educational programs.

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