The architecture of seeing - remix

The Club
December 1 - 17, 2006
Friday & Saturday at 10pm
Sunday at 5:30pm
Tickets $15

Created by Patricia Hoffbauer & George Emilio Sanchez

The Architecture of Seeing-REMIX is a collaboration created and performed by choreographer/performer Patricia Hoffbauer and writer/performer George Emilio Sanchez. This performance piece is a fierce crash course in the politics of identity in the new millenium. Through a series of madcap scenarios Hoffbauer and Sanchez move through an amusement park of racial and cultural stereotypes and turn them inside out to create new ones. The Architecture of Seeing-REMIX dramatizes the tension between national myths and historical amnesia that commonly produces pop cultural icons. These long time collaborators place these "characters" center stage to ask, "Are we who you think we're not?"

In June 2006 Hoffbauer and Sanchez presented an excerpt of The Architecture of Seeing as part of La MaMa's Duets festival curated by Nicky Parasio and Mia Yoo. The following is from a review written by Gia Kourlas of the New York Times:

"The bulk of the evening seemed to recall dance-theater of the mid-90's in wordplay and predictable partnering until the real thing came along: an excerptfrom Patricia Hoffbauer and George Emilio Sanchez's 1996 'The Architectureof Seeing.' Ms. Hoffbauer, wearing a white skirt (as a dress) and ropes of pearls around her neck, led a near-naked Mr. Sanchez through the crowd as his unruly hair framed a comically catatonic expression. Once onstage she treated him like a doll, dressing Mr. Sanchez in an absurd flower-petal skirt and brushing his mane with feverish strokes. It was extremely funny, but also poignant. These long time collaborators, fearless and incredibly precise, showed the rest of the couples what timing is all about."

This two-week run at Club La MaMa celebrates the ten-year anniversary of the premiere of The
Architecture of Seeing in 1996. This REMIX production will unveil scenes and characters not included
in the premiere production ten years ago.

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