Up! Up! and More Up!
The Club
April 14 - 30, 2005
Thursday - Saturday 10:00pm

Tickets $15
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Written by Chris Tanner, Olson and Lance Cruce
Director: Julie Atlas Cruz

Box office 212.475.7710

Chris Tanner’s new musical, Up! Up! And More Up! Is a riotous romp through God’s country. Join the Peoplution Singers, a Disneyesque boy band, as they revisit some of pop music’s grooviest hits. Then take a trip through the Valley of the Shadow of the Dolls – but fear no evil! The Crystal Kingdom Ministry is here to save your soul with a healthy dose of religious fervor fueled by an even healthier dose of crystal meth. This Ministry wants to lift you Up! Up! And More Up!
This inspired lunacy is written by Chris Tanner, Brandon Olson and Lance Cruce, with music by Lance Cruce. The entire decadent enterprise is directed by Julie Atlas Cruz. Sets are designed by Steven Hammel and Garry Hayes; costumes by Becky Hubbert and wigs by Zsamira Sol Ronquillo.
The cast features Robert Appleton, Lance Cruce, Benjamin Marcontoni, Brandon Olson, Armen Ra and Chris Tanner.
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