An Evening of Flamenco Dance & Music
The Annex
November 7 & 8, 2005
Monday & Tuesday at 8:00pm
Tickets $15
Kumi Kuwahata & White Art Dance Group (WADG)

Box office 212.475.7710

"Transience", two exciting evenings of Flamenco Dance Theatre, features the individual works of dancers, Kumi Kuwahata with Myda Chambers, Maria Rausse, Erika Valero and resident La MaMa e.t.c. artist, Shigeko Suga. The dancers are accompanied by live music provided by guitarists, Carlos Revollar and Raphael Brunn, and through song, by vocalists, Alfonso Cid and Gisele Revollar. The company, White Art Dance Group offers a rare experience of traditional Flamenco dance and music, as it is created and performed by New York City residents who come from a diverse array of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Transience is a series of small individual dance works which evoke the joy and celebration of living life in New York City. Each creating artist will be presenting their unique strength and ingenuity as they express the pure passion and spirit that is, Flamenco.

White Art Dance Group (WADG) - was founded in 2002 by Kumi Kuwahata. This unique New York City based dance group is founded on the mission “to bring together the diverse people’s of our ‘melting pot’ city through the universal language of music and dance.”

Kumi Kuwahata elaborates on the creative process behind Transience:
“Dancing Flamenco in New York City is, for us, forum for the building of cross-cultural friendships and understanding. We have chosen these complex rhythms and movement to describe our deepest heart because we are allured by Flamenco. We are captured by this amazing music and dance and through it we explore our individual artist’s path, anguish, enjoyment and truth. We are here spending our best times in New York City searching for our own identities. We will respectfully continue to pursue this wonderful art form together. We hope you will come to share in our joy and enthusiasm

Dancers: Myda Chambers, Kumi Kuwahata, Maria Rausse, Suga Shigeko and Erika Valero
Singer: Alfonso Cid and Gisele Revollar
Guitarists: Raphael Brunn and Carlos Revollar
Production Manager: Walter Guzman

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