The Curse of Mami Wata
First Floor Theatre
December 1 - 4, 2005
Thursday - Saturday 8:00pm
Sunday - 2:30pm & 8:00pm
Tickets $15
Written & Directed by Prisca Ouya
Choreographed by Prisca Ouya & Kiazi Malonga

Box office 212.475.7710

The beautiful mermaid Mami Wata has fallen in love with the King Mfumu of the Bakongo Kingdom, so taken by him that she decides to leave the river from which she lives in order to seduce and proclaim her love to the King. After an evening of lovemaking Mami Wata leaves the palace to return to her river and is followed by Queen Watoma. Mami Wata sees that she is being followed and is angered that a mortal would dare to do this; she turns to find her lover’s wife, Queen Watoma and curses her. She tells the Queen that her Son, the Prince of Bakongo, will be killed by a son of King Mfumu.

Queen Watoma, after hearing this dreaded curse, does all she can to avoid giving birth to a son. Ten years pass and Queen Watoma finds herself pregnant. She is greatly relieved when she gives birth to triplet girls.

Cast: Prisca Ouya, Karisma Jones, Ronee Mattingly, Beti Garcia, Rashida Ngouamba, Adea, Chaney Pollard, Alexis Doster, Kimann Johnson, Fontaine Traore, Stephane Goudjo, Amber Canty, Shaina Stephen, Indiria Carr, Anne Andre, Isacc Kataly, Martin Vejarano, Coster Massamba and Meredith Wright as Mami Wata.

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