The Adventures of Richard See
The Club
November 18 - 20, 2005
Friday - Saturday 10:00pm
Sunday - 5:30pm
Tickets $15
A Studio 74 production

Box office 212.475.7710

A late night evening of pre-determined chaos, questionable. Incantations, wave forms, (the infinity sign), internal images, tubes, mallets, fractured toes fast balls and curves. Healing stones, love, pulses, wood, preparations, reparations, spells, apparitions, not too much.

A UniMythoFaierieParablogico Musical Experience about a Prince who wanted to be a drummer.

Production Conceived, Music composed & Text by Richard Cohen
Set/Lighting & Direction by Arturo
Choreography by Evaleena Dann

Matt Aiken – Percussion.
Mor Dior Bamba – Vocals, Djembe, Percussion.
Molly Cohen – Performance.
Richard Cohen - Woodwinds, Vocals, Percussion, Keyboard.
Shizu Homma - Dance.
David Marck – Piano.
Michael Mariani – Vocals.
Daniel Nyohaku Soergel - Shakuhachi.
Sasha Painter – Performance, Vocals.
Nicky Paraiso – Vocals.
Sean Rosenberg – Bass, Keyboard.
Jonathan Sandler - Vocals
Kyle Sanna – Guitar.
Martin Vejarano - Percussion, Flutes.
Abigail Wolff – Vocals.

Asking the question how much is too much?

Richard Cohen has performed and recorded with the Steve Reich ensemble (Music For 18 Musicians), Laurie Anderson (Big Science), Linda Ronstadt, Gerry Mulligan, The Temptations, Frankie Valle and the 4 Seasons, many Broadway show orchestras, ETC Co. of LaMama, Great Jones Co. of La MaMa.

Mor Dior Bamba is the lead singer of the National Orchestra of Senegal, West Africa, has also performed with major African stars including Manu DiBango (Soul Makosa), King Sonny Ade, Alpha Blondy, Youssou Ndour, etc.

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