Waves Of All Time

The Club
One Night Only!
November 9, 2004
Tuesday at 8:00pm

Conceived and performed by Sara Galassini & Yukio Tsuji

Sara Galassini
Sara has been part of La MaMa family for 4 years. She first came from Italy as a straight theater performer but through her NY experience she has developed as a dancer and singer. She also writes lyrics both in italian and english. As part of the Great Jones Repertory Company Sara has performed in "Seven", Greek Tragedy series directed by Ellen Stewart and premiered at La MaMa theatre in giune. She has toured to Austria and Poland with "Trojan Women" originally directed by Andrei Serban and composed by Elisabeth Swados.
Sara just performed for the production of "Hoplite Diary" conceived and directed by Tom Lee.
The Monk and the Hangman's daughter (Ellen Stewart, Elisabeth Swados)
Expiration Date (Abla Khoury)
Vento Forza 5 (TeatroaBenzina Dance-Theatre Company)
9 Windows (italian production by Federico Restrepo) Dipteracon (Raine Bode) Orfeo (Michel Noiret, Paolo Pierazzini)
Faust (Altero Borghi, Mauro Vanni)
Il sogno (GianCarlo Nanni, Manuela Kusterman)
I sonetti di William Shakespeare (Maurizio Panici, Massimo Nunzi)
Borges non solo Tango (Giorgio Albertazzi, Patrik King).

Yukio Tsuji
(Composer, Shakuhachi player, percussionist)
Originally from Tokyo, Yukio has been performing on stage since he was eight years old. As a composer and a performer his music has been heard all around the world among theaters, films and dance companies. He has been the principle composer for Kei Takei's Moving Earth dance company since 1986, and he won three grants from Meet the Composers. He composed and performed on the title music of the movie " Year of the Dragon", co-arranged and performed for the Broadway production "M. Butterfly", and also he is heard on Ryuichi Sakamoto's CD "Neo Geo" and many others. He performed for many Jazz Festivals all around the world with Jason Hwong's "Far Eastside Band" including Lincoln Center's JVC Kool Jazz Festival.
Year of 2001, he co-arranged and performed on 9 Acts Production "Tantalus" directed by Sir Peter Hall, produced by Royal Shakespeare Company and Denver Center. He also composed and performed on Al Pacino's production "Salome" and "Oedipus" directed by Estelle Parsons. He performed in "Seven" directed by Ellen Stewart.
The Sound of a Voice (David Henry Hwang and John Lone)
House of Skepip Beauties (David Henry Hwang and John Lone)
Transposed Head (Julie Taymour)
Watermill (Jerome Robbins)
Greek Trilogy (Andrei Serban, Elisabeth Swados and Ellen Stewart)
Warrior Aut (Lee Bruer, Bunnaku)
Cobra (John Zorn)
Macbeth (Estelle Parsons)
Mid Summer Night's Dreams
The Tibettan Book of the Dead
The King Trilory
The Fall Guy (Mako)
Dream of Kitamura (Jean Eardman)
The World Percussion Concert in Japan
Nagasaki Dust
24 Hours of Light (Kei Takei)
3 Checov Stories

Sara Galassini and Yukio Tsuji have been collaborating for 2 years experimenting the legacy of sound in musical instruments and words.
They both have a strong theatre background so their music always rapresents stories and visual immages combining Sara's lyrics with Yukio's compositions.

The original songs are:

Of you Dreaming
Circus Dream
Timore e Passione
Is there a River
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