Showing the Strings
Three short works from the Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program

The Club
Wednesday, April 28, 2004
7:30pm One Night Only!

"Showing the Strings," three short works from theTrinity/LaMaMa Performing Arts Program. A cowboy, an orphan, and an insomniac storm The Club at La MaMa with three original solo performance pieces exploring grief, homeland, and the first kiss.

"you and me cowboy," created and performed by Rachel Bonds What happens when we experience a loss in our quick-fix society? This theatre piece takes an ironic look at America as a place of fallen cowboys, a place where we struggle to maintain our swagger through self-medication, ritual, rage, sentimentality, fear, and humor. Bonds walks the thin line between comedy and tragedy as she explores multiple characters engaged in a race to keep up with a culture that provides no time, language, or effective outlet for grief.

"Flicker," a new original work written and performed by Kevin Michael Keating Presents…Penguins…Tightie Whities. A multi-media exploration of the many faces of reality, "Flicker" combines true stories of first kisses with texts and images borne of an insomniac¹s mind. With live music and lots of chocolate candy, Flicker depicts a world that is at once muted and unrestrained, fantastical and true, and intimately ours.

"Anthem," created and performed by Abigail Nessen Abigail Nessen fuses monologue and music from different cultures including a Mongolian Traveling song, an Italian Aria, West African Initiation Rites, Blues, TV Jingles, and original compositions. Borrowing from the classic story of Hansel and Gretel, she weaves a contemporary tale in which four characters search for a personal and political "Homeland" in a world where we could all be considered orphans.
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