Linas is Kinski

The Club
January 8-18 , 2004
Thursday - Saturday 10:00pm
Sunday 5:30pm

created and performed by Linas Phillips
also featuring Larissa Dooley & Jim Fletcher
set design is by Chris Skeens
lighting design Momo Parra
sound and video design by Linas Phillips

LINAS IS KINSKI, a piece about one of Germany's most famous actors. Mr. Phillips, a "young turk" from NYU's Experimental Theater Wing, is "obsessed" (in his own words) with the late crazed German actor, and in this show, attempts to recreate what it would have felt like to see Kinski perform live. Beside his movies, which are well-known to Americans, Kinski is known for his poetry recitals, which sold out large European stadiums and lasted for hours. Phillips's script, performed overwhelmingly in English but occasionally in the original German, contains poetry that Kinski actually performed and texts compiled from interviews Kinski gave.

Klaus Kinski is widely remembered here as a star of Werner Herzog's movies (notably "Aguirre, Wrath of God") and father of actress Nastassia Kinski. If you remember Herzog's recreation of the classic film "Nosferatu," you'll remember Kinski as the bloodsucker. Phillips, 27, bears a slight resemblance to Kinski, but is quick to assert that the show is "more about me identifying somehow with the energy in this performer." His sources included a recent documentary on Kinski's direction of "Paganini" (the maniacal German actor was obsessed with the maniacal Italian violinist/composer). In "Linas is Kinski," sections of the documentary are abstracted into short movement theater sequences, with Phillips dancing opposite Larissa Dooley, who plays a composite of several leading ladies Kinsky appeared with. These include Kinski's last wife, Deborah Kinski, who co-starred in "Paganini." The play is narrated in video segments by Jim Fletcher, known for "Cave Man" and Richard Maxwell's shows, who recently appeared in BAM'S "Henry IV" as King Henry.

Phillips grew up in Boston and graduated from NYU's Experimental Theater Wing in 1999. He lives in Park Slope. He has performed alternative comedy shows in NY and Boston since 1997. More recently, he has appeared at Dixon Place, PS 122's Avant-Garde-a-Rama, Tonic's Little Theater, Galapagos' Art Space and DTW. His first full ensemble play, "North Wind Turkey Timber," co-created with Courtney Rutherford, was performed at the Collapsible Hole in Brooklyn in April, 2003. In May, 2003 he appeared at the Performing Garage with Scott Shepard in a workshop of "Hamlet," playing both Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern. He is currently working with Thirty Three Fainting Spells, Seattle, on their new show, which will premiere in May at On the Boards, Seattle.

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