A Musical Tragedy!
A Watson Arts Project

The First Floor Theater
April 15 – May 2, 2004

Musical Director: Manny Moriera
Design: Greg Mercurio
Costume Design: Ramona Ponce
Lighting Design: Jenn Gleason
Sound Design: Tim Schellenbaum
Press: David Gersten & Associates
Stage Manager: DJ Potter
Technical Director: Mark Tambella
Graphic Design: Irene Ramp
Production Manager: Sanja Kabalin

HERCULES IN HIGH SUBURBIA is a rock and roll musical tragedy based on "Heracles" by Euripides. Adapted and directed by Mary Fulham, with original songs by Paul Foglino, Hercules is set in a gated community where nothing—birth, wealth, piety, courage or innocence -- gives any guarantees against the power of wickedness or the malevolence of chance. While the text is inspired by the Fifth Century B.C.E. play, the music flows from the 1950’s, the moment when the Delta blues became rock and roll. The result is raw, raucous, and real.

Ellen Foley, Broadway, TV and recording star plays suburban wife and soccer mom, Megara, longing for the return of her husband, the demigod Hercules, Postell Pringle. Hal Blankenship plays Hercules long-suffering dad, Amphitryon; Matt Landers doubles as the plebian security guard, Nick, and the greatest of the gods, Zeus; Neal Young plays both enemy and dear friend to Hercules, Lycus and Theseus; and Dana Vance, brings a delectable comic sense to her triple roles of Newscaster, Madness, and the first lady satyr and caddy for Zeus!

Watson Arts is a resident theater company of the renown La Mama Experimental Theater Club, and our objective is to develop and present original, provocative—often comedic work—with an emphasis on mature women.

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