The Annex Theatre
April 15 - May 2, 2004

Grzegorz Bral and Anna Zubrzycki founded the Piesn Kozla Theatre in 1997. The Piesn Kozla Company continues the long tradition of Polish ensemble theatre work and, through its dedication to ongoing research in the actors craft and its vocal and movement techniques has created a unique performance style. It organizes workshops regularly over the year, teaching its own unique approach to the actor’s craft. Its pedagogical work is the subject of an MA and postgraduate diploma in acting for the Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre which the company runs in its studio in Wroclaw. The latest performance created by the company is CHRONICLES - A LAMENTATION, the culmination of two years research into music on the edge between life and death: lamentation. The company found in northern Epiros (the region straddling Greece and Albania once the cradle of Ancient Greek drama) a rich musical tradition of lamentations and polyphonic singing. Negation of death, the ultimate finality in human life, the futility of escape and the deep understanding which accompanies its acceptance, is the axis around which CHRONICLES - A LAMENTATION developed. This production is presented in association with The Polish Cultural Institute.
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