Created and Organized by Raine Bode & Antonio Cerezo

The Club
April 8 – 18, 2004
Thursday – Saturday: 10:00pm
Sunday: 5:30pm

created and organized by Raine Bode & Antonio Cerezo
lighting design by David Bonilla

written by Jake Hooker
directed by Sarah Benson

"Puebla York"
written, directed & performed by Antonio Cerezo

"A Cause for Celebration"
"Our Men"
written, directed & performed by Andrea & Ileana Eherenberg

written by Anne Heintz and directed by Jim MacEachron

“Bananas For Everyone,"
written, directed & performed by Sylvester Schneider & Natascha Preiß

"A Brief History of France and Germany"
written, directed & performed by Peter Schuyler and Charlie Berfield

Countries collide on "Cabaret Danzón," a new cabaret created by Antonio Cerezo and Raine Bode. The Danzón is a popular allegoric dance used in Mexico to reflect and comment on society and is dedicated to notable people in honor of their achievements and stature. "Cabaret Danzón" is a platform to satirize the mix of people from different continents who are mushed together in our multinational mosaic seeking their own national identities.

What Ms. Bode and Mr. Cerezo have done is invite together a group of international artists from various countries and asked each of them to write and perform a satirical tribute to a different country. The evening is framed by the Danzón.

Skits will include:

  • “THE LAND OF THEIR FATHERS: An Homage to Wales” In Jake Hooker's contrapuntal new text, two tramps meet the Prince of Wales, Dylan Thomas, the Lady of the White Light - and a strange mythical man in a red dress..... Welsh words and songs are on a competitive quest for the Welsh spirit, as the pre-heroic and post-modern collide. Directed by Sarah Benson “THE LAND OF THEIR FATHERS” is a tribute to a complex and independent Wales.

  • "Mexico’s Salute to the US", directed & performed by Antonio Cerezo. This piece concentrates on Mexicans living and working in the United States.

  • Two pieces performed written, directed & performed by Mexican artists Andrea & Ileana Eherenberg. The first is “A Cause for Celebration” In this piece two Mexican farm girls walk to cross the U.S. border. As they walk, they discover their true intentions in making their journey and discover a whole new reason to celebrate. The second is entitled “Our Men” which is a plea to the U.S. made by two Mexican Women who’s husbands are living and working in the U.S.

  • A satire on US-Australian collusion, “C.O.U.P.,” written by Anne Heintz and directed by Jim MacEachron, centering on the working relationship between John Howard, PM of Australia, and George W. Bush, President of the US.

  • “Bananas For Everyone," After $690 billion for Unification and 10 years the "German wall" still stands invisibly. But at least we share the bananas now! A before during and after piece set in Berlin while the wall comes down. Written, directed & performed by Sylvester Schneider & Natascha Preiß.

  • "A Brief History of France and Germany," A critical, cultural, absurdist review of the history of two "great" nations from an American perspective. Special guest appearence by Poland. Backing vocals by Luxembourg. Written, directed & performed by Peter Schuyler and Charlie Berfield.

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