The Club
June 7, 2004, 8:00pm
One Night Stands!

Curated by Laraine Goodman

Afghanistan Meets The East Village in "Dancing From Bamiyan to the Bowery," curated by Laraine Goodman, which Ms. Goodman describes as "East / West Rhythmic Conversations" and "A Nomadic Spirit Journey" to benefit School of Hope and the Women and Children of Afghanistan. A visual presentation of the Children of Afghanistan will also be shown by Lida Ahmady of the School of Hope, "Bringing Hope through Education." Dancers and musicians will connect East and West thgrough rhythmic communication and conversation. Features Brenda Buffalino (tap master), Leeza Ahmady (Afghan Dance), Rhythmutation: Chikako Wwahori and Stephanie Larriere (tap dance), Max Pollak (tap dance, body percussion), Roxanne Butterfly (tap), Stefanie Weber (tap), Raquy Danziger & Liron Peled (Dumbek), Heather Paauwe (violin), Bernice Brooks (drums), Rachelle Garniez (Accordion and Vocals) and other guest artists. Event is funded in part by a grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council /Manhattan Community Arts Fund.
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