March 31 & April , 2003
Monday & Tuesday 8:00pm
The Club

written & directed by: Gian Marco Lo Forte
assistant directed and choreographed by: Stephanie Rafferty

A new adaptation of The Chekov classic. written & directed by Gian Marco Lo Forte. A play about the discovery of sex, lost love and beauty as the fool's game that actors play.

The Story adapted by Gian Marco Lo Forte:

Prelude Nina ...oh Nina !...oh Nina will be a star !

1st The banana-gun fun duel. Arkadina is a star !

2nd The first card game

3rd Bonjour mon amour !

4th Kostia will be alone !

5th A dog and a cat always end up loving each other

6th The suitcases are in a pile..." Bon voyage my dear"

7th She is a devil

8th An italian song in a cabaret- The club

8th and 1/2 Two years alone, two years are passed !

9th 10th 11th Chaos in love...Nina will be a seagull !

12th Second card game and the steel gun

13th Kostia is really dying !

14th Nina is a real star !

Gran Finale Nina is dreaming...who are those people that she left behind ?

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