Ravaged by Romance

September 18 - October 18, 2003
Thursday - Saturday 8:00pm
First Floor Theatre

conceived and created by: Chris Tanner and Brandon Olson
director:Julie Atlas Muz
from the writing of: Steve Lott
additional writing by: Sebastian Stuart
music: Lance Cruce, Armen Ra & Karen La Blanc
costume: Robert Lehman, Becky Hubbert & Steven Menendez
scenic design: Garry Hayes
cast: Lady Ace, Robert Appleton, Bambi, George Bunker, Curtsy, D'Arcy Drollinger, Agosto Machado, Benjamin Marcontoni, Dirty Martini, Stephen Mendez, Amber Ray, Flawless Sabrina, Chris Sharp, Richard Spore, Helen Stratford, Tigger, Kelly Webb
photo: Ron Lasko
press: Spin Cycle

Beginning September 18th, LaMama E.T.C. presents Ravaged by Romance, a multimedia musical extravaganza created by and starring Chris Tanner and Brandon Olson based on the writings of Steven Lott. It is directed by Julie Atlas Muz featuring an all-star line up of downtown¹s most acclaimed and unusual performers.

In Ravaged by Romance, a dying writer struggles to stay alive through the obsessive creation of imaginary worlds. The phantoms of his mind -- including Victorian chess playing princesses, horny mice, and Baby Jane Hudson -- assist him on his journey to the other side, but not without plenty of drug-induced orgies and tap dance numbers.

Ravaged by Romance stars Flawless Sabrina, Dirty Martini (The Glamazons), Derrickinadress, Tigger, Hole Dazzle (The Dazzle Dancers), Kelly Webb, Richard Spore, Agosto Machado and D'Arcy Drollinger (Pink Elephants, Scalpel). The production also features music by Lance Cruce (Make Love), Armen Ra and Marc Dale; set design by Garry Hayes (The Coral Room, Barmacy, Beauty Bar); and costumes by Robert Lehman, Becky Hubbert and Steven Menendez.

Chris Tanner is currently co-starring as the singing Liza in Karen Finley's Make Love at Fez. He most recently collaborated with Olson and company on Holly's Folly at HERE Arts Center. Other collaborations with Olson are Rebel Without a Claus at Joe's Pub and Crackpot Cabaret at Marion's. He has also collaborated on various projects with Cyndi Lauper, Penny Arcade, Bloolips, Everett Quentin, Maria Irene Fornes, Jeff Weiss, Lance Cruce, Sebastian Stuart, and David Lynch. He is also an internationally exhibited painter.

Brandon Olson currently appears in both Karen Finley¹s Make Love at Fez and D'Arcy Drollinger¹s Scalpel at FringeNYC. Other work includes three collaborations with British dancer/choreographer Jonathan Wooster: New Work, Circus Adrift, and GLAAD Award nominee Go Go Real. He is a regular performer for the Jackie 60 Factory and producer/ director of Patricia Field's Cupid's Ball. He is one of Susanne Bartsch's regular stable of beauties, performing at events at Webster Hall and the Raleigh in Miami. Other theatrical ventures include Avante Garde A Rama at P.S. 122, Jeff Whitty's Suicide Weather at Playwright's Horizon's Studio, and The Plagues for our Time at LaMaMa with Tom O'Horgan.

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