Glamour, Glory & Gold:
The Life and Legend of Nola Noonan Goddess & Star

December 4 - 14, 2003
Thursday - Saturday 10:00pm
Sunday 5:30pm
The Club

written by Jackie Curtis
directed by Joe Preston
stage manager Lars Preece
creative directors D'Arcy Drollinger & Clayton Dean Smith

A play revival, written by the legendary Warhol Superstar Jackie Curtis entitled GLAMOUR GLORY & GOLD: THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF NOLA NOONAN GODDESS & STAR is returning to the New York Stage.

First written by Jackie in 1965/66, it was first performed at the Bastiano's Playwrights Workshop in Greenwich Village, NYC, in 1967. The play was successful in it's first run, but truly shined seven years later, in 1974, when 27 year old Jackie confidently took the stage in the starring role of Nola Noonan. Ron Link showcased the production in the off-off Broadway Fortune theatre to glowing reviews. AFTER DARK called it a "Dishy Delight, a freewheeling hilarity, a penetrating analysis of what it's really lie to live a dream 24 hours a day", and Jackie's finest hour".

Nola Noonan is a stylish young girl from the wrong side of the tracks who has the intelligence and ruthless ambition to make something of herself in the world. She realizes her power over men, and uses sex to advance herself. Nola starts out in show business as a stripper, but her goal is to make her way "to Hollywood, while there still is a Hollywood". To reach her goal, she has to dump lover after lover as she makes her way "up the ladder of success, wrong by wrong".

As a new documentary film on the life of Jackie Curtis entitled, "Superstar In A Housedress - The Life and Legend of Jackie Curtis" by Craig Highberger, has just been completed, Joe Preston, Jackie's cousin and Asssociate Producer of the film, has decided to bring the revival of "Glamour...", back to the New York stage where Jackie first started his career as a young playwright. It was at La MaMa E.T.C. where Jackie was first given the spotlight by Ellen Stewart, and through her guidance, made Jackie a star overnight. Their association has been sealed in theatrical history forever.

Carefully chosen to succeed Jackie in this role as it was written, Joe has cast D'Arcy Drollinger in the leading role of Nola Noonan. D'Arcy has the natural ability of expressing Jackie's work, and will add a fresh new look and angle that will bring the role of Nola into the 21st century.

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