or Short Lived S*%Teaters

April 17 - 27, 2003
Thursday - Saturday 10:00pm
Sundays 5:30pm
Wednesday April 23 at 8:00pm
The Club

conceived and directed by: Raine Bode
original music & lyrics by: Felicia Carter Shakman
lighting design: Arthur Adair
musical direction: Felicia Carter Shakman, Ron C. Spencer III & Masa Imamura
assistant director & stage manager: Gian Marco Lo Forte
choral direction: Nicky Paraiso
featuring: Kristin Atkinson, John Benoit, Ann Bonner, Antonio Cerezo, Eveleena Dann, Kaori Fujiyabu, Sara Galassini, Mark Dean Gallop, Denise Greber, Eugene the Poogene, Lars Preece, Ramona Pula, Stephanie Rafferty, Charo Santamaria, Peter Schuyler, Shannan Shaughnessy, Shigeko Suga & Mary Ann Walsh
Musicians: Masa Imamura (Guitar), Alan Lerner (Drums), Felicia Shakman (Hammond Organ) & Ron C. Spencer III (Bass)
graphic design: John Malloy
photography: Becca Roach

The Club at La MaMa will present "Dipteracon, or Short Lived S%*t Eaters," a Greek tragedy rock musical conceived and directed by Raine Bode, from April 17 to 27. Based on the "Oresteia," the story reveals the very timely themes of lust, blood, guilt and greed. With a old school garage rock 'n' roll score composed by Felicia Carter Shakman especially for this production and performed by an accomplished cast of singers and musicians, the production is intended to provoke thought as well as to entertain.

It's been 15 years since Orestes, now 18 years old, escaped death in Argos. His father, Agamemnon, was not so lucky, having been murdered by his wife, Clytemnestra (Orestes' mother), and her lover, Aegistheus, who is now king. Orestes' sister, Electra, has dreamed of revenge all these years, and has awaited the return of her brother in the hope that he will exact vengeance. All this is overseen by Zeus, god of flies and death. The approach is reminiscent of Jean-Paul Sartre's "The Flies," but whereas Sartre's piece is his adaptation of "The Oresteia" as interpreted through the lens of his world--World War II, the German occupation of France and his forming philosophy of Existentialism--"Dipteracon" adapts the classic through the lens of our world. The company suggests that this includes "The possible beginning of World War III, the judicially-appointed occupation of the White House and our forming philosophy of Rock 'N Roll."

"Dipteracon" has been conceived and is being directed by Raine Bode, who has been working with La MaMa as a full-time theatre artist since 2000, working on such productions as Ellen Stewart's "Seven Against Thebes" and "Dionysus Filius Dei" Arthur Maximillian Adair's "Sound of The Sun." Ms. Bode made her New York directorial debut last year with Joe Brady's "Bow Down" at the Club Theatre at La MaMa. Prior to coming to New York, she was co-founder and artistic director of Mongrel Theatre, an independent theatre company in Baltimore, MD.

Original music and lyrics have been composed for the piece by Felicia (Fifi Carter) Shakman, former leader of the punk pop band Pottymouth and currently a professional jazz singer. Musical direction is by Ms. Shakman and Ron C. Spencer III with vocal direction by Club Curator Nicky Paraiso. Scenic and lighting design is by veteran La MaMa designer Arthur Adair. The band will include Masa Imamura, Felicia Shakman, Ron C. Spencer III and Alan Lerner. Musical consultant is Yukio Tsuji.

The show features an international cast including Kristin Atkinson, John Benoit, Ann Bonner, Antonio Cerezo (Mexico), Eveleena Dann (Germany), Kaori Fujiyabu (Japan), Sara Galassini (Italy), Mark Gallop, Denise Greber, Nicky Paraiso, Eugene the Poogene, Lars Preece, Ramona Pula, Stephanie Rafferty, Peter Schuyler, Shannan Shaughnessy, Shigeko Suga (Japan) and Mary Ann Walsh.

The script was assembled by the company from various versions of "The Oresteia," and then mostly replaced by songs. Song lyrics are by Felicia (Fifi Carter) Shakman.

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