February 27 - March 16, 2003
Thursday - Sunday 7:30pm
Sunday 2:30pm
The Annex Theatre

starring and created by: Jack Shamblin & Nicole Zaray
featuring: Hadas Gil Bar
choreographer: Paulo Henrique
music: Nicole Zaray
set design: Carlos Diaz
costume design: Tania Sterl & Marika Dadiani
lighting design: David Overcamp

"Two things only the people anxiously desire bread and circuses." Juvenal (c.60 -c. 130), Roman satiris poet.

With BREAD & CIRCUS 3099 Jack Shamblin and Nicole Zaray have created an absurdist, ridiculous play that asks the question, "What will rebellion be in the Biological Age?" Their answer is a high-tech "canned adventure" in which a couple of boring old clones chase the "irregular girl" through the "forbidden world" of 3099.

The lush, sophisticated multimedia production is one part "Logan's Run," one part Absurdism and one part Theatre of the Ridiculous. All roles but one are played by Shamblin and Zaray. A thousand years into our future, an Entertainment Mechanic goes too far when she drags her assigned companion, a Karma Worker, into Tumultua, the forbidden realm of junkyard genetics and mutating biospheres, searching for an "irregular girl" played by Hadas Gil-Bar. The economy of New York in 3099 is plummeting and the Aggregate has hired an Information Specialist and the Bounty Huntress to bring the pair back at all costs (these characters being played by the authors, in a series of switcheroos). Along the way mutant locals join them in a hilarious night of mad DNA chase scenes and mystical dance music.

The show employs layers of acting, dancing, dialogue, TV monitors and other multimedia props. It mocks and mimics the concepts of human cloning and making all things "corporate." Written in a character-driven, intelligent, farcical style, it is flavored with clever use of multiple video projections and song.

In a commentary about the Bread & Circus 3099 work and progress at New York's Dixon Place, Ana Paula Chrispiniano of MTV Brazil wrote, "'Bread & Circus 3099' is a delicious surprise! The text is direct, precise and funny. It's a necessary critique of North American society. A play that makes the audience think and laugh without being boring one minute. And two exceptional actors! Watch it, even if it's just to find out that there's hope of intelligent life on Earth (even if we have to wait for 1000 years)."

Jack Shamblin has collaborated at La MaMa with Theodora Skipitares, who describes him as "an intense, serious theater maker." He has worked with Caryl Churchill ("The Skriker," U.S. Premier NY Public Theater), Theodora Skipitares, ("Under The Knife," La MaMa E.T.C.), Paulo Henrique ("Minimally Invasive,", Expo 98 Dive Into The Future, Lisbon Portugal, Siemen's International Dance Festival, Germany) and Eva Mueller, ("Submergence," Sketch Gallery London, to open March 17, 2003). His solos include "3 Places" (HERE, Teatro de Trindade, Lisbon, Dixon Place) and "Sodomite" (Mother NY, The Red Room NY and Dixon Place). His original Plays include "Thurma" and "Fake." He has worked with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Mark Wing-Davey, Jayne Atkinson, Valda Setterfield, Kate Bornstein, Ellie Covan and Ezequeil Santos. He teaches Performance Construction periodically at Lisbon's Centro Em Movimento C.E.M. He is the current host of private performance laboratories at Eva Mueller Studios.

Nicole Zaray has been the principal in numerous projects including the film, "The Sticky Fingers of Time" by Hilary Brougher/Good Machine, which was seen at Venice International, Toronto International, and in over forty additional film festivals. She has appeared in "Under the Knife" by Theodora Skipitares at La MaMa, "Momento Mori" by Karen Finley at The Kitchen, "Polly's Panic Attack" by Sebastian Stuart, directed by Everett Quinton, at La MaMa, and "Thurma" by Jack Shamblin at Dixon Place. Her original work includes "The Prettiest Thing" and "Where is She?" at P .S. 122 and "Joe's Day," a short film starring Debbie Harry. She produced and directed a documentary film, "Work, Life and the Unknowable," in 2002. She was the featured vocalist on Moby's CDs "Feeling So Real" and "Next is the E" (Mute/Elektra).

photo credits: Eva Mueller

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