Featuring: The Ercan Dereyayla Ensemble
Oud: Ercan Dereyayla
Darbuka: Seido Salifoski
Clarient: Yorgo Tasmut
Belly Dancer: Shamira
Set Design: Serda Ilhan
Costume Consultant: Denise Greber

Performance Schedule:
May 6th & 7th
The Club

In this nostalgic work, Zishan Ugurlu aims to transport us to old Istanbul, specifically old Istanbul nights. Picture: Beyoglu, or the city's famed "alaturka" music halls. Someone is on kanun, another on oud, and in the forefront, a woman, a Grande dame of the stage, is singing, hands gesturing meaningfully. Tables are set with raki, the potent anisette distilled drink known for not "sitting in the person as it does in the bottle", and the audience is passionately singing along.

This show is dedicated to Genji Ito who is so far away so close!