writer, director, producer: Greg Park
producer: Kim Ima
line producer Karin Chien

Performance Schedule:
February 5th at 7:30pm, 2002
The Club
Donations Accepted

A Screening of three new films produced by Kim Ima of (The Great Jones Repertory)

1. Machine Love
The latest component of the digital office, the Sprout G9 iPerson is a walking, talking coding machine programmed to fit seamlessly into its work environment by learning from interactions with its human coworkers. But when he finds himself in an oppressive office surrounded by emotionally jaded and dysfunctional people, a G9 named Archie learns just how much he needs love.

2. The Robot Fixer
For the past thirty years, Bernice Chin has tried not to think about the fact that she’s never really known her estranged son Wilson. But now a car accident has put Wilson into a coma. And the only clue he’s left behind is a box of twenty-year-old toy robots. As her daughter Grace presses her to answer the doctors’ hard questions, Bernice becomes obsessed with repairing Wilson’s toy robots, as if that will somehow help her connect with her unreachable son.

3. My Robot Baby
Marcia Ito has the perfect life — she’s a successful businesswoman with a handsome architect husband who’ll be the perfect father for the baby they plan to adopt. But before Akachan Adoptions will give them a human child, Marcia and Roy must prove themselves by taking care of a robot baby. Roy bonds with the robot immediately. But Marcia’s just unnerved. When Roy has to leave on a business emergency and the robot begins to malfunction, Marcia must confront her fears of the machine — and of motherhood itself.

4. Clay
In John Lee’s world, everyone lives forever. Superbugs and viruses may cause physical death, but bio-digital technology allows people to scan their memories — and thus their consciousness — into computers. John, an old sculptor, struggles to complete his design for a major public square project, but his body is falling apart. His doctor, his son Tommy, and his digitized wife Helen all tell him the same thing — it’s time to get scanned. Then he’ll merge with all human knowledge and experience, achieving perfect love, perfect art. But John resists, fighting for the right to struggle and die.


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