Performance Schedule:
Monday, June 24th, 2002
The Club

Fresh Bread Productions presents "RANT," an encore performance of the new play Directed and conceived by Peggy Suzuki. A colorful look at aspects of being a woman. Through a montage of vignettes, song, dance, and even drag, the audience is transported across boundaries of race, gender, roles, and social acceptance. Emotions are optional…

This "RANT" presentation is an Equity showcase and benefit performance for SAFE HORIZONS battered women's shelter, a 501(c) 3 not for profit organization located at 2 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor; NYC, 10007. 100% of proceeds and donations are tax deductible.

The members of the production team of "RANT", especially: Fresh Bread Productions; Peggy Suzuki; Erika Rolfsrud; Brandon Cotton & Brenda Neville; Maritess, Anthony Correa, Hilary Mance; Iris Ebner, Rain Collazo, Michael McGarry & Rich T; the cast: Brigitte Barnett, Reggie Barton, Elizabeth Cano, Hadas Gil-Bar, Kymberly Harris, Marco Malgiolio, Monika Maresca, Demetria Nelson, Chernise Spruell, Yasu Suzuki, and Danielle Nicole Tyler in a year+ of tireless hard work and support.

Please call the "RANT" Hotline for inquiries, & interviews & passes: 212.330.9266

Equity Showcase Performance to Benefit Battered Women's Shelter

"A provocative and sensual performance that tempts and tests audiences with live performance, music, dance and "in-your-face" sexuality ---Peter Engel

"Brave vision and frequently moving execution."---Klahr Thorsen, Theatre Chicago

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