written and performed by: Daniel Boyd Beaty
directed by: Kenneth Lee

Performance Schedule:
November 29th - December 16th, 2001
Thursday - Saturday 10:00pm
Sundays at 5:30
The Club

COLORED EXPOSURES is a rapid succession of character skits, each following the other rapid-fire with the changing of a wig or a single costume piece. An "Intelligent Negro Valley Guy" riffs about Ebonics at a cocktail party. A wealthy Black yuppie, stopped for racial profiling in his beemer, exhibits the black rage of aujours d' hui by shooting people. A West African tour guide squires tourists through The Cape Coast Slave Dungeons of Ghana. An elderly matron of the rural South, a Jamaican man and a "Black Buddha" wax forth on good hair, bad hair and blonde hair. A "100% Queen" gay club kid comically decries the popularity of "snow queens." A horny minister discourses on how he and his young female parishoners "heal each other." A little girl of the Projects plays "Kinky Head and the Three Bears," a game involving painting her Barbie dolls black and eating the Baby Bear's dinner to cure herself of AIDS. Finally, a celebrity woman chef of soul food reveals the magic behind the recipes. The title, "Colored Exposures," plays with the concept of perception and what is "exposed" when the audience witnesses snapshots into the lives of the twelve characters in the show. Beaty says, "On the surface, I am presenting vastly different, contradictory characters in order to discover what is universal about our inner landscape as human beings." The show is largely about an actor's ability to transform through the use of voice, body and internal intention: like a one-man version of 'The Colored Museum.'" The set is minimal and simple, often vibrant, costumes and props are incorporated. Beaty sings a wide variety of music a capella in the play. Daniel Boyd Beaty
Originally from Ohio, Beaty received his MFA from American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco where he was a full scholarship recipient. Beaty is a 1998 honors graduate of Yale University where he received a BA in English and music. At graduation he received one of three highest awards for his achievements in the creative and performing arts. As an actor, Beaty has worked in the classical and contemporary repertoire at university and regional theater. As a singer, he has sung opera in the US and Italy and performed recitals throughout the US, Europe, and Africa. His writings as a performance artist and motivational speaker have been shared in variety of venues including the NAACP National Convention, SCLC National Convention, and various service organizations. His scholarships, fellowships, and awards include the ACT Scholarship, the Louis Sudler Prize, the Ezra Stiles award, the Heinz Scholarship, the National Championship in Drama from the National Forensics League, the Hobart Fellowship, and the Saidel Fellowship.Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee hails from Singapore. He recently received his MFA in Acting at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. This is his directorial debut. He is also a recipient of scholarships and grants from National Arts Council in Singapore, The Lee Foundation, The Public Theatre's Shakespeare Lab in New York, NYU and ACT.

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