One Night Only!
Monday June 3rd, 2002
8:00 PM
The Club

Special Guest MC: Alvin Eng
Regie Cabico & Aileen Cho
Jonathan Lopez
MELLOW YELLOW: Andy Pang, Paul Juhn, C.S. Lee, John Fukuda, Philippe Cu Leong, John Cahill
SLANT: Wayland Quintero, Rick Ebihara, Perry Yung
curated by: Nicky Paraiso

"Asian Comedy Night," featuring a lineup of some of the most edgy and sensational Asian comedians Gotham has to offer:

SLANT, the performance ensemble of Richard Ebihara, Wayland Quintero and Perry Yung, who made their name with "Big Dicks Asian Men (La MaMa 1996, 2001) and went on to win a solid following with a series of original Rock and Roll theatrical works where racial assumptions of masculinity, specifically Asian, are identified, examined and deconstructed. Their other shows include "The Second Coming" (La MaMa, fall 1996), "Squeal Like a Pig" (La MaMa, 1997), "wetSpot" (La MaMa, 1999), and "High" (La MaMa, June 2000).

Jonathan Lopez, a young Filipino-American actor and comic who recently had a very successful evening at Caroline's and appeared last season in Ma-Yi Theatre's "Dogeaters" by Jessica Hagedorn at the Public Theater.

Regie Cabico and Aileen Cho, each a successful solo performer in his/her own right and a wonderful comedy duo when together. Cabico has appeared on HBO's "Def Poetry Jam 2," PBS' "In The Life", Lollapalooza and MTV's "Free Your Mind" Spoken Word Tour. A pioneer in the poetry slam movement, he won the 1993 Nuyorican Poets Cafe's Slam. With Aileen Cho he has co-written and starred in several two person shows, most fondly, "Queer Shoulder To The Wheel." Aileen Cho is a "highly irregular" presence on the NYC spoken word/performance art scene, winning the House of Xavier Best Verbal Vogue slam in 1999. She is a veteran of the theater group Peeling, which is preparing for its July show, "Vampire Geishas of Brooklyn." She is not related to Margaret.

Mellow Yellow is an all-guys comedy group comprised of Andy Pang, Paul Juhn, C. S. Lee, John Fukuda, Philipe Cu Leong and John Cahill--an on-the-edge sketch group dealing with racial and sexual stereotypes.

Alvin Eng (emcee) is a native NYC comedian, playwright, lyricist, storyteller and journalist who appears frequently at La MaMa. His musical, "The Last Hand Laundry In Chinatown" (written with composer John Dunbar), was presented by La MaMa in '96, and he performed his monologue play, "More Stories From The Pagan Pagoda," there in '92. His work has been presented throughout the country and published in "Action: The Nuyorican Poets Cafe Theater Festival," "Aloud: Voices From The Nuyorican Poets Cafe" and American Theater Magazine, among others. He holds an MFA in Musical Theater Writing from NYU and was named after the Chipmunk cartoon character. His last La MaMa production was the opera "Mao Zedong: Jealous Son (An Abstract Portrait)" (1999), a multi-media opera with concept and libretto by Eng and music by Yoav Gal.

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